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Steer Axles

FPW Axles and previously Moss Gear have manufactured Steer Axles in Accrington since the mid 1960's and over the years have developed a wide range of Industrial and Road going axles for every conceivable type of special purpose vehicle.

With axles ranging from 500kg static load up to 25 tonnes, using disc and drum brakes, with back locks of up to 70 degrees and the ability to tailor axles to suit each customers individual requirements we believe at FPW that we can offer a steer axle solution for any special purpose vehicle.

For on highway axles we can offer various swivel pin inclination, chamber and castor angles to achieve the required amount of wheel self-aligning according to the needs of the application and the required top speed of the vehicle.

As with all our axle designs we have the required braking calculated so that we are confident that the vehicle will have a balanced braking solutions whether it be disc or drum and we are also able to make provision for ABS and EBD within the axle design as required.

Historically our steer axles have used phosphor bronze or wrapped bushes for the stub axle pivot, however recently we have promoted the use of new oil impregnated high density plastic bearings which are self lubricating and hence remove the necessity for regular greasing. We have also developed a range of axles fitted with unitised taper opposed to sealed for life bearings. These also remove the need for greasing with the added advantage of a smoother lower friction operation.

At FPW we can adapt the axle beam to make provision for any type of suspension mounting be it leaf spring, Coil spring with shock absorber, air sprung or metalistic rubber mounting.

Steering arrangements used include full hydraulic sterring or conventional sterring box either coupled direct to a drag link arm or through a bell crank arrangement to achive higher lock angles and tighter turning radius.

As an alternative to our range of beam axles we have recently developed an independent suspension system aimed at the industrial market. This is much more robust than the normal road going independent arrangements to cope with the more demanding conditions found in industrial applications.

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