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Drive Steer Axles

In addition to drive axles FPW produce a range of drive steer axles.

For low speed applications, typically below 30kph, we produce axles with a vertical swivel pin, these are normally though not always supplied with hydraulic steering.

For applications requiring higher speeds i.e. road going vehicles, we produce axles which are designed with an inclined pin, castor and camber to ensure the wheel self-aligning required at these higher speeds. These axles would normally be supplied with conventional drag link arms to be coupled to a standard steering box.

Any of our drive axle solutions can be supplied as drive steer axles however currently produced within our range is:

  • Wormdrive drive steer with rations from 10:1 to 40:1

  • Single reduction Drive Steer axles with rations from 3.58 to 6.133:1

  • Double reduction Drive Steer axles with ratios from 8:1 to 24:1

  • Hub reduction Drive Steer axles with ratios from 13.7 to 25:1

Smaller axles are supplied with CV joints whereas larger axles are supplied with double hookes joints with steering angles up to 52 degrees backlock.

Most axles can be driven by propshaft or close coupled to either an electric or hydraulic motor.

Drive steer axles can also be supplied with transmission brakes either spring applied or mechanical handbrake.

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