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Road Sweepers

With over 25 year's experience in producing axles for Road Sweepers, FPW fully understand the arduous conditions axles have to withstand on Road Sweepers day to day, whether it's the shock loads due to Kerb strikes or the wet and dirty environment they have to operate in.

Using this market knowledge coupled with our design ethos, to produce axles specifically tailored to each vehicle's requirements, we are able to offer solutions for both steer and drive axles for everything from the smallest pedestrian sweepers to a 10 tn 80 kph mid-sized sweeper.

Working closely with several key brake manufacturers to offer vehicle specific braking solutions either Disc or Drum and the facility to accommodate ABS systems where legislation requires.

Steer axles for Road Sweepers

Fpw address all the key elements required on a steer axle for a Road Sweeper, with back locks of 70 degrees and beyond to ensure the smallest possible turning circle, a complete sealed swivel pin and link arrangement to protect key components from the wet and dirty atmosphere and a swivel end designed to withstand the shock loads experienced in the urban environment.

Drive axles for Road Sweepers


A compact design for the axle is normally a necessity for a Road sweeper, FPW achieve this through close coupling the Hydrostatic or Electric motor to the axle and using either a transverse or a more conventional 90 degrees layout depending upon the design constraints of the vehicle. We can accommodate the customers preferred suspension arrangements be it leaf, coil, air or metallistic.


Scarab minor m25h2
Scarab minor m25h
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