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FPW have manufactured drive axles for electric vehicles for the last 40 years mainly for industrial vehicles and milk floats. With the recent trend towards green technologies and hence the renewed interest in battery powered vehicles FPW have now developed a number of gear reduction boxes. These are designed to be close coupled directly to high speed, water-cooled AC electric motors.


We currently produce several variations; we have two 80KW gearboxes, an aluminium and a cast iron gearbox which are designed to be close coupled with an 80KW AC motor, this gearbox is available with a 2.58:1 reduction ratio.  We also produce a larger 120KW aluminium gearbox designed to be close coupled with an 120KW motor, this gearbox is available with reduction ratios from 2.3:1 to 3.6:1.  All these units are designed to run at speeds in excess of 10000 rpm. The larger unit is also available with a fully integrated park pawl to lock the gearbox in the same way that the park function works on an automatic transmission.


As with all our products we can tailor existing models to suit a customers particular requirements or should we not have a suitable unit we are able to design and manufacturer from a clean sheet of paper, to suit the customers exact requirements.

Vehicle components


In 1995, FPW Axles purchased a specialist machining company called Woodfield Engineering. 

Woodfield had many years experience in machining steering and suspension components for the majority of the UK’s Truck and large axle manufacturers such as Seddon Atkinson, ERF, Rockwell and GKN.


Since this acquisition in addition to producing our own range of axles, we have continued to develop this side of the business and now export throughout Europe. Producing components such as suspension parts, steering arms, drop arms and other axle related components which are fitted to both on highway and off highway vehicles for customers such as JCB, Dennis, Wrightbus, Optare, Vanhool and American Axle.

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