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Ground Support Equipment


FPW have produced axles for all types of Ground Support Equipment over the past 30 years and as such have extensive knowledge of the specific requirements of each type of vehicle and also the environment in which they operate.  Each different type of ground support equipment has very individual needs all of which FPW can accommodate from the largest ‘K’ loader to the smallest baggage handler.  


The axles are designed with the specific requirements of the vehicle in mind whether it is a high centre of gravity for a self-propelled stair or the overhung weight at the front of a belt loader.


Steer Axles for GSE

The highly varied type of ground support equipment requires a large and diverse variety of solutions.  Offering hydraulic power steered axles with tight turning circles for good manoeuvrability at slow speeds around the aircraft..


Drive Axles for GSE

Whether it be Diesel, Hydrostatic or Electrically driven, FPW have a drive axle solution with ratios available from 2.5:1 up to 40:1.  Various axle layouts are available with either conventional prop drive or close coupled to electric or hydrostatic motors. Available with Knott or Caparo AP disc or drum brakes as required with mechanical or SAHR (Spring Applied Hydraulic Release) handbrake.

Twin Atlas
tips container handler
mallaghan stair
mallaghan stair 2000
bendi belt
amss belt loader 2
amss stair
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