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Forklift Trucks


FPW axles have been manufacturing forklift axles since the mid 1960’s and produced the steer axle for the first Side loader as designed by Bowman Shaw who went on to form Lancer trucks which later became Lancer Boss.  In the same period FPW manufactured axles for the Henley front loader, which were later taken over by Linde.  We have continued since the 60’s to manufacture axles for various customers for both Front and Side loader vehicles of all types and as such have a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing axles for Forklift trucks.


Steer Axles


A key factor for a forklift steer axle is the turning circle to enable the truck to have superb manoeuvrability in the confined aisles of a warehouse and with back lock angles of up to 80° FPW can ensure this is kept to the absolute minimum.  Having produced forklift axles for vehicles from a 2 ton to 25-ton capacity FPW can therefore produce a forklift steer axle for any type of vehicle.

aisle master loadinga
ac aisle master
Linde Sideloadera
Linde Sideloader
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