Electric Vehicles

FPW first started manufacturing axles for electric vehicles in the 1970’s at this time practically all electric vehicles were Milkfloats. By the early 1980’s FPW had bought the design rights from the only other electric vehicle axle manufacturer in the UK, Allford and Alder. For the following 2 decades FPW exclusively supplied both Drive and Steer axles to all the UK Milkfloat manufacturers.

In the early 2000’s with renewed interest in Electric vehicles due to the movement towards green technologies, FPW started developing a new range of Drive, Steer and High-speed reduction gearboxes targeted at this new developing market for all types of Electric commercial vehicle both on and off highway.

Steer axles

With the more recent trend towards electric vehicle for the road FPW have continued to develop their standard On highway range, to include air suspension mountings and more recently independent suspension steer axles.

Drive axles

FPW have been producing drive axles for electric vehicles the since mid 1980s. The first axles were produced when our then sister company, Moss Gear South Wales, ceased production of the double reduction milk float drive axle. Although the first axles were produced primarily for the milk float industry we have since gone on to develop many drive axles for a wide range of electrically powered vehicles, these variations include transverse mounted single and double reduction axles which can be close coupled direct to the electric motor.


With the recent trend towards green technologies and hence the renewed interest in battery powered vehicles FPW have now developed a number of gear reduction boxes. These motors are designed to be close-coupled direct to the high-speed water-cooled AC electric motors. We currently produce several gearboxes designed for 80-120KW AC motors with ratios from 2.3:1 to 3.6:1 and designed to cope with input speeds of up to 12000rpm.